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You Can Go Home Again                                                                                                November  2021

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Thoughts from Pastor Bill 

Discover the need – and heal it.

I remember sitting in class one day at Mid-America Christian University, when my professor Dr. Bill Harget mentioned one of the best ways for a church to be relevant. He said that the world teaches if you want to become rich you create a need and fill it. However, for the church be relevant in their community you must “discover the need

and then heal it.” That is why I am so encouraged about our next step as a church because we are in the process of discovering community needs.  Needs that Crystal Springs Church of God can take a part in healing.  How are we going to do this?  (I am so glad you asked that question.)  By using the Biblical foundation found in

 Matthew 7:7:

     “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and 

     the door will be opened to you.”(NIV)


I have constructed a small survey that does that very thing. Some of you have seen it and it asks the following questions:


     1.  What do you feel is the greatest need in your neighborhood?

     2.  What is your zip code (plus 4 if you know - example: 49022-1234)

     3.  May Pastor Bill Bridgman of Crystal Springs Church of God 

     contact you of your opinion on how this church could help meet 

     those needs?

     4.  Best way to contact you. (i.e. Phone, text, email. We do not sell or 

     share this information.)


Now comes the fun part - “Ask and it will be given to you.” Please start

asking the people you know these questions. Also share the following 

link in an email or an your social media page to encourage people you know to participate. That link is:


Once we discover the needs, then we can partner with Jesus and begin to heal them. As we heal our community needs, people will be more likely to become a part of the fellowship of Crystal Springs Church of God.

Pastor Bill

Who’s Who

Hannah has been with the church going on 3 years. She is a part of our band and fills in for special music when we ask. She plays the Alto Saxophone, and is teaching herself how to play the Piano. Hannah is in 9th grade and just finished marching band for the season. She is working hard with AP History, Spanish and other trying classes to keep up her high grades. Hannah hopes to go to medical school and become an Oncologist. Her favorite hobbies are  writing stories and writing music. Most Sundays you will find her in the sound booth, making sure all goes well with service. Side note She loves cheese.


  Hannah Borr


   Notes From Annual Business Meeting                                               


     We spoke about attendance, tithes, and budget cuts. We had a large cut to the budget and Jim asked to revisit the budget in 3 months to check how we are doing. There was talk about how to grow the church. Special events like Invite your One and Trunk or Treat were looked at.  We took a vote by ballot to pass the Budget for 2021-2022 and to reinstate the Elders. The new budget passed and the current Elders were reinstated. We are still looking for a few more Elders if you are interested please let Sue Dubar or Jim Rogers know.


    Members are strongly encouraged to read the most recent financial report posted on the bulletin board   in the narthex/hallway. If you have any questions please talk to Nina Borr.

October 24th was Pastor Appreciation         Day! It was a great success!

Note from Pastor Bill on that 

      I would like to thank everyone for the love and support during pastor appreciation last week. I do feel your love and know that I am appreciated. Your cards were overwhelming and uplifting to my day. I believe the meal was above and beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you so much! Love you and proud to be called your pastor

      –  Pastor Bill




  November Birthdays              November Anniversaries


            5th Harvey Deam

            1090 S. Trail Lane

            St. Joseph, MI 49085    

      12th Judy Deam 

      14th Steve Travis Box # 11

      25th Sandy Boyle Box # 80


Current Elders

Worship – 

Education – Sue Dubar

Outreach – Suzon Pearson

Property and Finance – 

Fred Brown, Richard Fanslau,

Jim Rogers

November Newsletter deadline Tuesday, October 26th