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Do you ever feel lost in the crowd – a number, a statistic, an outsider?  Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life might be?  Have you tried church but found it just empty religion with difficult rules, regulations, and complex doctrine?  Have you ever wondered why church just can’t be relevant and simple?

Well it can be simple and relevant.

If you’re tired of feeling disconnected and alone, tired of religion that doesn’t satisfy, and wanting a place where you can be accepted and loved because you are you.  Then you should try “simply church” at:


Your new church home is a family, where you are valued, friendships are important, and you are encouraged to discover and use your unique purpose in life to help empower others.


We call this “simply church” because church shouldn’t be a religion but a relationship with God.  You’re invited to experience this simple relationship with us, simply faith, simply family, and simply friends. 


Nursery is available and the main floor is handicap accessible.  If you like, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)

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