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Our Pastor & Family


Rev. William (Bill) Bridgman, Jr. was born in Benton Harbor Michigan to William and Frances Bridgman.  As a boy attended St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Bainbridge, MI., it was there he participated in confirmation.  Later the Bridgman family moved Coloma and that is where he graduated from High School in 1977.

As a young man, Bill lived a life that was far from the ways of the Lord.  When his sister Joyce challenged his lifestyle, he repented of his ways and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Bill experienced an immediate and radical change in his life.

Bill married Cindy (Richcreek) of Watervliet, MI in February of 1981. Together they searched for a Bible believing church.  God led them to Crystal Spring where they received loving guidance and discipleship.  In 1985 they accepted the call of God into fulltime ministry.  Bill graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mid-America Bible College in Oklahoma City in 1990.  Later in 2010 he received a Master in Leadership from Mid-America Christian University also in Oklahoma City, OK. Bill was ordained by the Church of God in 1991. 

The ministry path God has led Bill and Cindy on has included Associate Pastor of Outreach and Spiritual Development at First Church of God in Baltimore, Maryland; Missionaries to Chelyabinks, Russia; Senior Pastor at Calvert Park Community Church of God in Burton, Michigan and Fairhill Community Church of God and School in Fairbanks, Alaska; Associate Pastor of Discipleship at The Orchard Church in Arlington, Virginia; and currently Senior Pastor at Crystal Springs Church of God.  Bill has ministered in Belem Brazil and the Caribbean.  He has taught many seminars on leadership development, community development, as well as healing and deliverance ministries in the local church.


Bill and Cindy, along with their 16 year-old daughter Cheyenne, are excited about the call to Crystal Springs Church of God. In many ways, it is a call “home.”  What a joy and a blessing to be able to minister to this church and community.


Cheyenne, Bill & Cindy

Pastor Bill Bridgman

Pastor Bill Bridgman


Our Church


Tell Me About Crystal Springs Church.

Crystal Springs Church of God is all about Faith - Family - Friends. We believe that this thing we call church should not be a burden or difficult. It's about a relationship with Christ, not a religion of regulations. We believe that the Bible is our rule and guideline for life. Biblical truth is presented as something that is relevant for everyday life. You have a purpose and potential that is God-given. Let us walk with you as you discover and live that purpose in life.


What are services like?


Worship services are up-beat and friendly. We enjoy singing the hymns of faith as well as some of the newer praise and worship songs. We use piano, keyboard, and aerophone instruments in our worship. Pastor Bill speaks on relevant day to day issues, making the Bible easy to understand and apply. We're "simply church." We're not a show or a production but a real faith that connects you with the real God in relationship.




What if I'm not a Christian?


Pastor Bill learned a long time ago that people are not perfect - and that includes himself. His approach in teaching the Bible is what he learned as a missionary in Russia. "This is the Bible, I believe it's true. This is how I understand that Truth and how I attempt to apply that Truth into my lifestyle - now you choose to accept this for your life or not. Kind of simple - huh?"

"Foundations" Photo taking by Bill Bridgman at Myrtle Beach, November 2014

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