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Believing can be difficult. We are trained to be skeptics. We are told to question everything, to not talk to strangers, and to only trust what can be run through the scientific method.

Things really haven’t changed. Everything was made through Jesus. Everything and everyone was covered with His fingertips. Everyone was created in His image. However, the world did not recognize its creator. The people did not recognize the one who formed them.

And we still miss it. We need Holy Spirit-empowered belief. Without the power of Holy Spirit, we cannot believe. We will still miss our creator. We will continue to miss joining the family.

Our disbelief is normal. Our steps into belief are powerful. Join your friends at Crystal Springs Church of God this Sunday and experience messages that will bring you hope.

- Pastor Bill

*Please Note, The first Sunday of the month Crystal Springs Church of God practice what we call “Open Communion.”  We believe if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are welcome to take Communion with your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Do you know your value to God? He does not define you based on past mistakes or failures. Your life is not the sum of your decisions. You are His creation, made in His image. God's desire for you determines your worth. Many believers tend to think that Christianity is all about not sinning and acting as perfect as possible in order to dodge God’s judgement and wrath. Others tend to try to follow God and Jesus in the hopes of getting “stuff” (aka blessings) in exchange for their good behavior. But when we look at the teachings of Jesus Christ, we realize neither of those are the truth at all!


Too many overlook the fact that the entirety of the Christian life revolves around our relationship with God. Am I moving forward spiritually? Or am I stagnant? Or am I moving backwards? Jesus always called people to higher standard, BUT he never condemned them when they fell short. He was the ultimate encourager. He was always cheering people on. Get back up. Let’s try again. I believe in you. That’s why people were constantly flocking to him. Those who felt the least worthy and most rejected in this world felt the most loved and accepted by Jesus.


Eternal life isn’t about getting to heaven. It’s instead grounded on understanding who God is in this life and developing an intimate, evolving connection with the divine through Christ.

You are invited to learn more about your "Kingdom of God" through uplifting and relevant messages by Pastor Bill!

"Kingdom of God"

Sunday, October 27th

Message: "More than Heaven,

More than the Church"

Bible Foundation: Matthew 6:10; 6:33

Speaker: Pastor Bill Bridgman

Sunday, November 3rd

Message: "Learning Kingdom Values"

Bible Foundation: Luke 12:29-32

Speaker: Pastor Bill Bridgman

Special Event: Communion Sunday*

Sunday, November 10th

Message: "A Nation of Priests"

Bible Foundation: 1 Peter 2:9-10

Speaker: Pastor Bill Bridgman


Sunday, November 17th

Message: "Building on the Rock"

Bible Foundation: Matthew 7:24-27

Speaker: Cindy Bridgman

Worship @ 10:30 am

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fellowship at 9:30 am

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